I'm all out of beeswax

I've been sick with a cold the past few days, and today was probably the worst day of the bunch (she said, hopefully). 

I'd love to tell you I stayed burrowed in bed under my duvet all day long, but I did actually have to go in to work today, so I dragged myself, my box of kleenex, my Ricola lozenges, my Vitamin C tablets, and my husky voice to the office.

I wish I could tell you I explored natural remedies with the collected calm of a curious explorer: grinding thyme and ginger into a a coconut oil-based paste, which I then drizzled in honey, topped with a splash of lemon juice, and finally blended with beeswax (is it me or is this starting to sound oddly delicious?)

But I had none of those things. Instead, I grinded it out the traditional way, non-naturally. With DRUGS. Which I'm not really convinced made much of a difference, but did help remind me that I'm very fortunate to enjoy good health 99% of the time. So that's something: even when we feel low, there's always something to be grateful for, even if it's just, "OMG-make-it-stop-oh-wait-it-eventually-will."

Now excuse me while I go find my own beeswax.