Healing my qi

This evening I went for a Qi Energy Treatment.

I know. I didn't know what that was either.

When I attended the OM Yoga Show this past weekend, I stumbled onto a booth manned by the Qi Wellness Centre, and spontaneously tried a treatment, which I then expanded into a series of 5 hourlong sessions, the first of which was tonight.

I loved it. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but the intention of the practitioner is basically to release energy blockages that affect our body, mind, and emotions. The belief is that if your Qi energy is blocked or depleted, then even if you exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep, you may still be tired, or in pain, or sad. It can contribute to disease and pain and other not-so-nice stuff.

Well, at this point I'm ready to try just about anything to help my 9.5-months-old hamstring injury, so I'd figured it couldn't hurt. What I hadn't banked on was all the other stuff it might help with on top of it. Tired? Rebalance your qi. Sad? Unblock your qi. Uncertain about where your life is going? Revitalize your qi.

The treatment itself was sort of like a massage in the sense that it involves touch, but there's also a sound component, meaning the practitioner is audibly breathing in a certain way while they touch you. My healer explained that the sound vibration enables the healing to go much deeper than just physical touch, similar to how ultrasounds can look below the surface of the skin. Every so often (and this might sound more disgusting than it actually is), the healer will let out a sort of burping sound, which is when a blockage has been released. I was living for those burps, feeling like every time one happened, I was just a little bit freer. 

I'm hardly the best person to explain how or why this works, but boy did I feel calmer, lighter, and less achy when I came out of there. Even my hamstring actually does feel less tight. I'm really excited to go back for more treatments. And they have workshops! And chanting! I love workshops and chanting! I'm just so excited to try more - it's always fun to discover a new, random topic of interest, isn't it?

"You look better," my practitioner observed when I left the session.

"You sound better," my boyfriend said, when he called me a few minutes after I left.

I feel better, I thought to myself, as I walked the rest of the way home.