Washboard abs and missing armor

Today is the 300th day of the year.

Oh boy. This kind of scares me. There's so much I still want to accomplish this year. I've barely moved at all on some of it. There's hardly two months left. Another year, almost gone. I'm genuinely nervous about this.

So tonight, I don't want to talk - or even think - about any of that.

Instead, I just watched - appropriately enough - the movie 300 for the first time ever. I think this is probably one of those films everyone knows exists, but I certainly had never wanted to watch it before, despite the fact that it stars an incredibly ripped Gerard Butler in a mankini. I'm not particularly into war movies, or violence, or comic book films. So that was kind of three strikes right there.

But tonight, I bit down and sat through two hours of stylized monsters, soldiers cutting each other's heads off, and a wall made of human corpses. 

And, you know what? It wasn't that bad! I mean, sure, not my movie of choice for a rewatch, but I actually kind of thought the stylized look was cool, and it held my interest, and I was even vaguely invested in the characters, despite not remembering a single one's name beyond King Leonidas (played by Butler and his washboard abs) and the God-King Xerxes (played by Rodrigo Santoro wearing more gold jewelry than you might think possible).

In the end - spoiler alert - pretty much everybody dies. But they went out fighting, so ... yay? I did think they could have worn a bit more armor, which might have helped with the whole everyone-dying thing. I appreciate a good six-pack as much as the next girl, but hey, it's not doing anyone any good when you're DEAD. Your son's going to grow up without a FATHER, Leonidas, for God's sake, cover yourself up!

I understand there's also a sequel, entitled 300: Rise of an Empire

Give me another 300 days on that one. I'm all washboarded out for now.