Today, I completed my very first yoga Instagram challenge.

"What on earth is a yoga Instagram challenge?" I hear you asking. Well, it's a hosted series of poses that challenge participants have to post a picture of themselves doing, for a set number of days in a row, usually with a catchy challenge name to go with it. I've seen many of my friends participating for the past few months, and kept thinking, "Huh, I should do that too," but only until two weeks ago did I actually throw my hat in the ring.

First, I created a new Instagram account (follow me on @thoseyogamoments!) for the purpose of just yoga stuff. Then I obsessed over whether this was a "good enough" name for an Instagram account that no one even knew existed. Then I hemmed and hawed about it, essentially ending with me questioning my entire existence and having a vicious internal fight that concluded with a, "just DO it. Do SOMETHING, and you can always improve it later."

And in fact, that's kind of the point behind an Instagram challenge in the first place. The one I participated in was the 15-day #saucysplits challenge, a series of poses intended to help you achieve the splits. Let me tell you, I am FAR away from achieving the splits. It's been a goal of mine for a couple of years, and I was pretty close back in January ... and then I tore my hamstring trying, and am still feeling the effects more than nine months later. #donoteverpushyourbodyintothesplits

But I digress. The cool thing about Instagram challenges is they allow you to check your progress. So often, when it comes to flexibility or other physical accomplishments, it's easy to tell ourselves that we're not progressing, and that nothing is changing, but the truth is that everything is always changing, and sometimes having evidence for that can be pretty useful.

My challenge pictures are by no means beautiful. They're poorly lit, they're fuzzy, and I'm not doing anything remotely impressive in any of them. But they're me, and they're a starting point, and they're a memory for some future day when I will, finally, slip seamlessly and saucily into those goddamn splits. #finally