Train, meet station

Way back in February, I mentioned how I'd gotten into brain-training apps like Lumosity, that supposedly act like a little daily gym for the mind. I've been somewhat off-and-on in the past few months, particularly as I never paid for the full version and am therefore constrained to three games per day, most of which I've played a gazillion times at this point.

But there's one in particular that still gets me, and every time I see that that is one of my three assigned games of the day, I still get a little flutter of excitement and nearly drop my phone as a result.

"Oooooh, Train of Thought!" I'll murmur to myself in anticipation. And then proceed to play it. All. Day. Long. You basically get 2 minutes to redirect different-colored trains to appropriately-colored stations. Once you get to up to Level 12 (as I have, she says, proudly), it's really, really hard. No sooner have you patted yourself on the back for successfully directing a red train than you notice a green one is veering off track. And so on.

Today was one of those days. I played at my desk and on the bus and at home, and I couldn't even swear I didn't bring the phone into the bathroom with me. It's just that addictive. And I marvel at the fact that - apparently - I once scored a record of 40 trains, which I didn't even come close to today. I must have been on some sort of steroids when that happened.

 Now I don't know that this game actually has helped me "simultaneously respond to multiple tasks or task demands." I don't feel like I'm a better multi-tasker thanks to it. Mostly, I just feel like that-freakin'-yellow-train-better-freakin'-get-into-its-yellow-station-before-I-murder-it.

But I digress. Maybe I am getting better at multi-tasking. Maybe little things can and do improve our achievements.

And one day, perhaps I'll reach 41 trains.

You know, life goals.