My first fan

I've just replied to - in a matter of speaking - my first fan mail.

Every so often, I get a couple of likes on one of my blog posts. Anything above 3 is always SUPER exciting, because it means that in addition to my mom, my sister, and my best friend, someone else is reading my blog!!! Every once in a while, one of those three people will even post a comment, and that's even MORE exciting because: feedback!

But imagine my surprise when I was notified this week that I had a comment on one of my posts ("Tubeless where possible") and for the first time ever, I didn't know who it was from. 

"Nice writing... love reading your posts." someone named Anamika wrote.

I don't think I've ever met anyone by that name, but I simply can't tell you how thrilling this was. I really haven't marketed my blog at all, beyond a couple of Twitter and Facebook posts. I'd love for it to grow (and for myself to grow as a writer, come to that), and it's absolutely on me that I haven't put much effort into it. Any feedback or praise or encouragement is always so appreciated, because I still struggle all the time with the quintessential questions of, "why am I doing this?" and "is this worth it in any way?"

So I'm not sure how Anamika found my blog in the first place - perhaps just one of those internet stumbles we all have once in a while, but this, truly was the textbook definition of a Happy Moment for me.

So Anamika, if you are reading this, you really did make my day. Thank you.