Lookin' professional

Today I faced the ultimate conundrum after a headshot-taking session with my boyfriend: should my new Linkedin photo be in color or in black-and-white?

It wasn't as easy a choice as one might think. When you get to be a 'certain age,' chances are you're somewhat self-critical about your own appearance in pictures. Because we took a lot of pictures this morning, with multiple hairstyles and angles and lighting, and patient cues from him, like, "now lean against the wall" or "look at the birdie!" and after all that, we came up with ... ONE good picture. Yes, ONE picture where I didn't either look 90 years old, or wide-eyed crazy, or high, or asleep.

But you know what - sometimes one is all it takes! Because there's still the magic of editing. And that's where aforementioned color vs. black-and-white conundrum came in. Because I actually quite liked both pictures! And so we swapped them back and forth a good dozen times, before I finally settled on the color version for my profile.

But I think there's still a certain satisfaction to thinking, Hey, I can take a good picture! A little twinkle in the eye, a soft smile, and the memory of my new guy gingerly hovering at the ideal angle to make me look my best, and simultaneously reminding me of those photo sessions at Sears from when I was a little kid and my Mom dressed me and my siblings in our Sunday best for a little family session.

I still like looking back at pictures like that. And now there's one more for the ages.

In color and black-and-white.