Free chocolates and zen breaths

It was a bit stressful getting myself to the airport in time this morning, so that I could fly back to London. I’d scheduled an Uber last night, which never showed up, and when I tried to book another, it took ages to get there. Not to mention that at one point, they were running a 2.8x surge price increase, and I had to take some deep, zen breaths over how much this might end up costing me. It eventually all worked out, and I fortunately enjoyed the quick flight back over the Channel.

Even if I had missed my flight, there would have been worse places to be stuck for a little longer. It’s always fun to create new memories over a weekend, even in your hometown. Once I finally got into an Uber, my driver asked me where I was flying to, and when I said, “To London; I live there,” he immediately responded: “Do you have room in your suitcase to take me along? I love London – you’re so lucky!” And meanwhile, I was thinking: “But you live in Geneva – YOU’RE so lucky!”

I guess it’s true the grass is always greener, because I had very little appreciation for Switzerland when I was growing up there, whereas these days I feel like I can’t get enough.

But that’s why I already feel very fortunate to live a short hop, skip, and a flight away now. That I can enjoy a quick trip, and the added bonus of FREE CHOCOLATE when flying Swiss Airlines, and sometimes I even take TWO chocolates instead of ONE when they’re offered to me, and the flight attendant just LETS ME and SMILES, and I feel like I’ve gotten away with something a bit wicked, even though I haven’t because they’re FREE.

I digress, but, you know: Free chocolate. Forgive my distraction.

It’ll be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight, to have my own stuff, and to slip into my own little routine. London is a fabulous city, and my Uber driver this morning was right: I AM incredibly lucky to live here. But I’m more and more conscious these days that HOME is something a little different for me, and I guess that’s kind of an important realization. Let’s see how much longer this adventure ends up lasting.

And make the most of it while I can. Always. I promise.