My Migros haul

Every time I'm home in Geneva, there's one thing in particular that I look forward to doing, and this morning was no different.

"So, what are you going to do this weekend?" my Dad asked when he picked me up at the airport last night.

"What do you think?" I answered. "I'm going to the Migros."

The Migros is Switzerland's largest supermarket chain, largest retailer, and largest employer. It's actually one of the largest 40 retailers in the whole world! (Note that I didn't actually know this until 30 seconds ago. The things you learn on Wikipedia!)

But more importantly: Migros is, for me, a repository of all my favorite junk foods. So. Much. Food. 

I think it ties back to the fact that most of us attach value and importance to the treats we grow up with. The things I was only allowed once in a while when I was little, now I can have a lot of and without permission. And since I moved away from Geneva a long time ago, and those yummy things are very rarely accessible to me, it's kind of a special, naughty little treat for myself whenever I'm back in town.

So this morning I skipped down the sunny streets to the nearest Migros, and hauled back two big bags containing most of my favorites: Paprika Zweifel chips, peach ice tea, Walkers chocolate chunk biscuits, Yupi apple rings, chocolate chip madeleines, and much more. I always wonder what the cashier must think of me when I turn up at the checkout counter, my basket loaded down with nothing that could in any way be considered nutritious.

Lady, eat a vegetable, probably.

Now obviously, if I were ever to move back to Geneva, the excitement would no doubt wear off, and of course these treats would become more occasional.

But for now, can't stop, won't stop. They're simply too yummy.