Tubeless where possible

If there's one thing I'm grateful for every time I take the tube at rush hour, it's that ... I rarely have to take the tube at rush hour.

Now don't get me wrong: the tube is incredibly convenient. Right now I'm sitting at Heathrow waiting to board my flight to Geneva, having just gotten off of the Piccadilly line, which I rode in one straight shot all the way from my office in central London to the airport itself. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than the Heathrow Express, which takes about the same amount of time anyway, given where in London I’m starting from.

But oh, is it ever crowded. I couldn’t even get onto the first train that came by this evening, and when I finally did, I ended up pressed up against the door for most of the journey, yearning to move my arms from my sides.

I truly feel for people who have to do that every day, in both directions, and I plan to remember that the next time I feel lazy about walking to work, or the next time it’s raining, or I’ve got a heavy bag. I’ll take rainy days – and happily splash through the puddles! – any day over a daily tube ride.

Still, it’s all good. I made it to the airport on time, and I’ve been reminded in no uncertain terms of how lucky I am for so many small reasons. To include each and every step of my commute, making my way through a tiny slice of London, above ground where the skies are gray.