Destination: Home

I'm super excited right now because tomorrow I get to go home!

I had made a little pact with myself after moving to London in the middle of 2015: that I would visit my hometown of Geneva at least once every two months. And for the first half of 2016, I was actually pretty successful at that, with trips in February, April, and June. But somehow since June, I've kind of let other stuff pile up, such that it's been nearly four months now.

So this weekend is the opportunity to make up for lost time! I've really been feeling a little homesick lately, and booked a ticket last week on a bit of a whim. I've already got the first fondue of the season scheduled for while I'm there!

I was thinking about this all day today, as the hours crawled by. I'm going home tomorrow! my inner little kid yelled, jumping up and down.

The one barrier between me and the trip is packing. I'm no great fan of it. I'm not sure why, given that I always get excited about traveling - surely packing is simply a necessary evil that isn't all that bad? Surely I'm overthinking it? Surely if I could just stand my little tushy off the couch right now and DO it, I'd be done in about ten minutes? It's just a weekend trip, after all!

But ah well, it'll happen. As long as I remember my passport, they'll let me in. For right now, let me just have my moment of excitement.

And a little Swiss chocolate to nibble on. Because tomorrow, I plan to stock up.