My psychic printer

I had a surprise waiting for me at the front door when I got home late last night.

Printer cartridges!!!

And - while you try to contain your envy - allow me to tell you why exactly this was so exciting: These cartridges arrived by themselves! I didn't order them. They came as if by magic! 

I recently bought an HP printer for my flat, which as a bonus came with a free two-month subscription to HP Instant Ink. That's the magic part. Basically, once you hook up your printer to the wifi, HP knows when you're starting to run out of ink, and automatically mails you new cartridges. It's a (surprisingly cheap) subscription service, which means I'll never have to buy ink again!

I think this is a fantastic idea, and I fully agree with Good Housekeeping's assessment that this is a "groundbreaking" development in the printing world. (And when was the last time that happened?!)

But more importantly, I love the psychic aspect that is clearly behind this. I just love the idea of someone - no doubt, someone important, not just a flunky...Perhaps even Dion Weisler, the CEO himself! - sitting quietly and patiently at HP Headquarters, waiting for the Batsignal of sorts to indicate that MY personal printer is running low.

And when that light does come on, what does Dion do? He springs into action! He hoofs it to the warehouse! He grabs the black and color ink cartridges suitable to my printer model, which he has no doubt already memorized! He puts those cartridges in the mail himself! He anxiously follows the online tracking system to make sure they get delivered in a timely fashion! 

And then, once his important work is carried out, he goes back to sitting quietly and patiently, waiting to see when I'll run out next.

Thank you, Dion. I can take it from here.