No flu for me!

Autumn is flu season, they say ... but not if you're like me and you had a flu vaccination this afternoon!

My company had a nurse come in for the vaccine, open to all employees, and - with the promise of an 85% reduced chance of catching the flu and a free lollipop - I happily turned up, hopped up, rolled up my sleeve, and held out my arm for the injection.

I don't have any problem with needles, so the 2-minute appointment was no big deal to me (particularly as I exited the room one orange-flavored lollipop richer!), but I'll admit my arm felt awfully sore afterwards. In fact a few hours later, as I headed to an evening yoga class, I had tingles all the way down into my fingertips, and couldn't fully lift my arm above my head. That's...not good when you're about to take a yoga class.

Ultimately, I got through the class just fine, tingles aside, but I'm happy to be home and hopefully sleep it off!

Which is why, I'm a little disconcerted that I just found this a few minutes ago:

Say whaaaaaaat? Where was this nasal spray option? I spluttered to myself! I too would have liked to have been offered the nasal spray option! 

Disgustedly imagining some sort of sadistic anti-nasal discrimination, I stubbornly massaged my still-sore shoulder/unnecessarily injected site, and clicked around online a bit more.

And it turns out - all is well. Because per WebMD, "CDC health officials say the nasal spray shouldn't be used in the 2016-17 flu season because recent studies show it's not effective in preventing the flu."

Which ... does seem like kind of an important flaw, when you think about it.

So I guess I'll take the sore shoulder, with a side of gratitude for my continued good health. Injections it is!