Home cinema at its most frustrating

I've always wanted to have a home cinema, and tonight is pretty much the closest I've ever come. My boyfriend brought his fancy projector-and-tripod over, and we've been valiantly trying to hook up Netflix for a solid 45 minutes, typing in my username and password over and over, getting various error messages in return, and generally just getting nowhere.

In my insistence to not buy a TV since moving to London, I've generally been all right watching movies and shows on my little computer screen, but oh, were we ever excited about a romantic night at home, with a real MOVIE. We have popcorn! We have prosecco! We have homemade brownies!

But Netflix has outwitted us. You put a PhD and an MBA in one tiny room, and they will apparently be no match for a bright red digital behemoth that simply doesn't want us to have a home cinema tonight.

But rather than get super-frustrated and kick the projector into dusty smithereens (much as I might want to), I'm instead tapping deep into my zen reserves to take a few deep breaths. 

You win, Netflix. We're watching a movie on my tiny little computer screen instead.

But I'm still having popcorn. So there.