Blending My Breakfasts

Smoothie ingredients

Another goal I'm trying out for 2016 is to eat more healthily, and challenge my lifelong, passionate commitment to junk food (which is a story for another day!). And that means starting my day out right with....what I'm trying to trick my brain into thinking is a delicious, sugary milkshake. I give you: my morning smoothie.

Smoothies and I have had an on-and-off relationship over the past few years, but in December 2015 I finally ordered myself a Breville Blend Active Personal Blender. I chose this particular one for two reasons: 1) It would make my smoothies portable, and 2) It matched my cutting board.

I don't follow a recipe or get too strict with myself about what I put in it--I'm just happy to be getting some healthy stuff in my body! I'm sure there's more research to be done on how to get the most out of the MOST healthy options of all, but for now I try to play around with what I've got on hand, and what looked yummy at my most recent trip to the market. Today I threw in:

- 1 banana
- 1 tangerine
- some fresh raspberries (who knew the English made such sweet raspberries? Not me, that's who!)
- some greenery (mixed spinach & roquette leaves)
- 1 large spoonful of quinoa flakes (which I hear are good for you)
- 1 large spoonful of chia seeds (ditto)
- all drowned in some almond milk

30 seconds of loud whirring later, my breakfast was ready to go!

Making a Smoothie

I love how flexible it is to be able to throw in pretty much whatever I want to get a healthy breakfast. I love how I can take this with me to the office and feel ever-so-slightly smug when I see my coworker digging into a Danish (Me: "Oh, this? Just my almond-milk-quinoa-chia smoothie!")

Stay thirsty, my friends.