Fare thee well, January

Somewhat unbelievably, we are now at the end of the year's first month. So how has 2016 gone so far? Let's see: 

- I've started my first blog (hurray!) and written 31 days in a row
- I've suffered and started my recovery from my first actual injury in years
- I've meditated 31 days in a row
- I started 30 days of yoga camp, had to drop out, and tentatively started again. I'm now 9 gentle days in on take #2.
- I've read 2 new books (Look Who's Back and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves)
- I've listened to 2 other new books (Big Magic and The Power of Now)
I've traveled to Venice and Milan for the first time
- I opened a UK savings account
- I am hours away from successfully completing Dry January

Favorite moment of the month: Wandering around the island of Burano, marveling at the beauty of a place I hadn't known existed 48 hours earlier.

Quote of the month: "Stop going to the hardware store for milk."

All in all, I'd say that's a pretty good start. 2016, I like you. You can stay.

February, you have some pretty big shoes to fill.