It is tea I'm looking for...

I went for coffee this afternoon with a guy I'll code-name Tall, Dark & Handsome (TDH). Not because that's the point of this story, but because when I'm code-naming, I like to keep things generic and obvious.

"Let's meet for coffee," TDH suggested, my mind immediately adding a plethora of exclamation points: "Let's meet for coffee!!!!!!!!!"

Why the mental over-enthusiasm? For some reason whenever people suggest coffee to me, I always imagine that they're REALLY excited about it. I imagine that that's just what coffee does to people. And the reason for all this imagining on my part is because - honest to goodness - I've never had a cup of coffee in my entire life. 

There's no particular reason why. Some people avoid it for health reasons, or religious reasons, neither of which applies to me. Neither of my parents drank coffee when I was growing up, so perhaps it just didn't seem like a 'thing.' By the time I got to High School, and other kids my age were starting to drink it regularly, I couldn't stand the smell, to the point that I avoided coffee shops altogether and instead hung out at that bastion of coolness: Denny's, which was open 24/7 and let me order off the seniors' menu at the age of 13 when I really wanted my deluxe grilled cheese sandwich to come with a slice of tomato.

Over time, little by little, I became able to tolerate the smell of coffee, and now it doesn't really bother me anymore. But I still don't have any interest in the beverage itself. "Just wait until you study for your MBA/start your new job/take up a new hobby/work out more," people told me, "then you'll start drinking coffee."


Why start now? I already have plenty of addictions to things that aren't great for me: Chocolate. Cheese. Inordinate amounts of Japanese rice crackers.

So whenever I'm asked out to coffee, what that really means to me is, "I hope they have fresh mint tea!"

The place today did. Well played, TDH.