30 Days of Yoga Camp

Today was my Day One of Yoga with Adriene's 30-day YouTube-based Yoga Camp, and I am so excited to take on this new challenge to help start the year out right. Adriene Mischler is a wonderfully warm, beginner-friendly yoga teacher and actress, who also just happens to be a YouTube star (just ask her 1 million+ subscribers). In fact, Yoga with Adriene was Google's most-searched exercise query of 2015. Incidentally, she's also someone I'd love to grab a margarita with (though make mine a virgin, since I'm doing dry January), because she's funny and self-deprecating and because she shows her Texas roots by occasionally saying "y'all," which is a word I'm inexplicably delighted by.

Last January, I took her 30 Days of Yoga challenge...and then, because it was awesome, I did it again in November. This year, she's adding a daily mantra to the practice. Today's is: I Accept. I accept where I am at today, and I show up for myself, fully. Which is pretty much exactly the attitude I'm shooting for in 2016, so definitely looooving it!

Another thing I love is turning my little London living room into my own private yoga studio. I usually start by drawing the curtains, and lighting three tealights to place in corners of the room. Then I roll out my sassy purple-and-yellow yoga mat, and make sure my hot pink yoga blocks and strap are handy, as well as my Blåregn throw, which is basically so soft I kind of want to marry it. And then I get to work. I don't need much space, or fancy equipment. Just me, my breath, and a little bit of drive.

Tomorrow's mantra is: I Create. Bring it on.