My new toy

I got a new toy today. The Enchanted Forest colouring book by Johanna Basford. As we likely all know by now, adult colouring has been experiencing a craze lately (at one point in 2015, 5 of the top 10 books on Amazon were colouring books). They're being used to relax, to improve focus and fine motor skills, and to aid with more restful sleep. They may even help with Alzheimer's by bringing back childhood memories.

Since I'm all about mindfulness and creativity in this new & improved 2016, I wanted in. Some people might think it's ridiculous for an adult woman to get excited about a colouring book. But to that I say: I'm a grown-up, and I can do whatever I want! (My mommy said so.)

I ordered it a few days ago, and it fortuitously arrived at my office today right before I needed to jump on a 3-hour conference call that demanded no active participation from me. I listened in with one ear, while turning leaves pink and jazzing up an owl. I loved it (the colouring). Keep talking, people! 

Starting with the cover page on my first colouring adventure since, oh, about 1987, I had no idea what sort of time commitment I was getting myself into. Observe:  

  • The photo on the left of the collage was just before starting.
  • The upper right-hand photo was one hour in.
  • The bottom-right (completed) photo was taken...go on, guess...

...two-and-a-half hours after starting.

Extrapolating that, given that there are 84 pages in the book, I'm looking at about 210 hours of sheer entertainment and relaxation. That's the best £4.99 I've ever spent! Now I just need to get myself some fine liner pens, so that I can alternate with coloured pencils. There is even a quest in the book (just saying that word gets me excited)! Hidden animals, and secret symbols to unlock the door to a castle! (which at this rate, I'll be unlocking sometime in the next six months).

I know it's silly. I'm completely ok with that.

I'm silly too.


 Obligatory artsy photo.

Obligatory artsy photo.