Horse vs. Giant Cat

Yesterday turned out to be quite the night for me, as, after becoming the only outlaw standing, I still had another game to get to, only this time, I would be spectating rather than participating.

(Which, given the size of the average NFL player, is definitely a good thing. Please don't ever draft me. I'm too young to die.)

As I dashed across London-by-night, from Westminster to Piccadilly, I'd just like to pause for a moment and brag-ever-so-slightly that this was my view:

...And I'm back! I joined some friends at Riley's Sports Bar, home of 38 big screens and a raucous, primarily-American crowd. As much as I love Brits, it was nice to to be among My Fellow Americans for a few hours. It's true that as sports fans, we're occasionally a little different. I'm not saying we both don't have tough sports and elite athletes. Obviously, we do. But just last Friday I was inexplicably roped into a long, meandering conversation about cricket, and I had not-even-a-glimmer-of-a-shadow-of-a-clue what was being said. I remember at one point becoming completely fixated on the fact that "wicket" rhymes with "cricket," and wondering whether they'd done that on purpose. That was pretty much my only takeaway. So after adding no value whatsoever to that discussion, I felt I was due for a sports-related confidence booster.

Now...I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly the intricacies of American football. I...actually didn't even know last night was the final game before the actual Super Bowl. In fact, I just had to Google whether "Super Bowl" was one word or two. But one thing I do love is that - regardless of spelling - the Denver Broncos will be there! 

Colorado was the first place I ever lived in the U.S., and as such, I consider it my home state. I remember when the Broncos won back-to-back Super Bowls while I was in High School there, and I'd love to see another championship happen. I also have just the tiniest celebrity crush on quarterback Peyton Manning, not only because, at 39, he's now the oldest quarterback to ever go to the Super Bowl, but also because he starred in one of my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live sketches.

But none of that - not even the Broncos' tight final-second 20-18 victory over the New England Patriots - was the best part of last night. The best part was watching American football on a British television station. I absolutely could not get over one commentator's British accent. It would be like, well, an American commentating on cricket, I suppose! Or anyone not-Swiss commentating on Swiss folk wrestling, which I'll have to blog about another day because it's pretty much the most hilarious sport ever.

I really, really wanted the British commentator to say something super-British. I'd have been happy with, "That was a jolly good touchdown!" or "I say, did you see that rush?" Sadly, we weren't quite so lucky. But I'm holding out that it still might happen during the actual Super Bowl 50 on February 7th, when the Broncos go up against the Carolina Panthers. The game begins at 11:30pm London time. I can't wait.