I'm rich!(-ish)

Continuing my efforts to declutter my life, tonight I finally got around to cleaning up some messy stacks of paper that had been wasting away on my desk for, oh, about three months. And before that, most of them had been wasting away in storage for the better part of several years.

It was kind of emotional. As someone with an ever-so-slight tendency towards hoarding, I'd saved up many souvenirs that I'd entirely forgotten about. It wasn't so long ago that I saw David Copperfield's magic show live in Las Vegas. Or since I visited the Kremlin. Passed through Indonesian immigration. Went to Angkor Wat. Won that epic Casino card game. I'd saved this stuff for years: tickets, boarding passes, forms, scorecards, maps. One day, I told myself, I'll make an epic scrap book.

But I didn't. And I won't. These souvenirs have been staring at me for the past three months, begging to be scrapbooked, and all I've done is stare guiltily back at them once in a while. And I don't need them. Per Marie Kondo, "truly precious memories will never vanish even if you discard the objects associated with them." Shuffling these items from my past out of my life doesn't mean I didn't do those things. I did visit the Kremlin. I did go to the Acropolis. I did summit Mount Kinabalu (just ask my knees!) Getting rid of them just means I'm ready to throw off the weight of the past, and take my next step forward. That's what I'm trying to bring about in 2016, after all: Change. Growth.

One happy side note came about when I opened an envelope and found no fewer than nine Asian currencies inside. I'd saved them because they looked pretty, and because I felt exotic when spending them. "I'm rich!" I thought, for a brief moment, because after all, who doesn't love discovering a secret cash stash?

So I excitedly added it up, and turned to the internets for some current conversion rates. It turns out my 40 baht, 4000 kip, 70 rupees, 900 kyat, 1 ringgit, 140 pesos, 20000 rupiah, 191000 dong, and 4100 riel added up to a grand total of about $16.93.

I wonder what I should buy first.

Maybe a scrapbook.