Livin' La Dolce Vita

It's been a long day in Milan. Work, meetings, work again, workshops, and finally more work.

Which is why I was unbelievably excited when late this evening, the waiter brought me a pizza that was literally so big it didn't fit in my picture. It didn't fit in my plate. It definitely didn't fit in my stomach, particularly as I had to leave just a tiny bit of room for the requisite tiramisu.

"Grazie mille," I said to him gratefully, when he plunked this gorgeous creation in front of me. This is why people should come to Italy. Not because it's the headquarters of so-and-so, or because it's our job to deliver client value, or all those other "good" reasons. Those may be the reasons that got me here on this trip in the first place, but please, don't let that be what I remember from it.

I want to remember what it was like to drive by Il Duomo late at night, on my first-ever trip to Milan, with pizza and pesto and mascarpone on my mind.