Top Ten Best Things About Tearing Your Hamstring

In a nutshell: This past Saturday, after a long run, I tore my hamstring suddenly during a deep stretch. It was distinctly not fun. No more running, no more hiking, no more yoga--There go half of my new year's resolutions. It is fortunately only a partial tear, and I fully intend to fully recover as quickly as possible. 

In a much-bigger nutshell: 11 days ago, I started a blog called 'Those Happy Moments.' Not 'Those-Moments-That-Make-You-Want-To-Kick-Yourself-In-The-FACE-For-Pushing-Yourself-Too-Hard.' Which is why instead of whining, I have come up with....


1) With your leg elevated on a pillow, more opportunities to admire your new socks!


2) At last--a fine use for those ice packs you saved from your one and only Gousto delivery. 

3) You may get to visit emergency care in a part of the city you'd never been to before. Tourism!

4) Internet research will surface numerous articles telling you that hamstring injuries are common in 'elite athletes.' You have a hamstring injury. Ergo, you are an elite athlete.

5) You will get shown pictures like this and snigger to yourself.

6) You now have a bonafide reason to drop the word 'semimembranosus' into casual conversation.

7) 'Oh, you need help with that spreadsheet? Sorry, I can't. Torn hamstring, you know.'

8) Because, honestly? It could have been so much worse. Deep breath. Perspective.

9) You'll get to learn a little bit more about your own limits, and be more grateful for the fantastic health you enjoy 99% of the time.

10) Because even though it sucks right now, you KNOW that you are going to heal and be just as fast, just as strong, just as limber, and just as awesome as before, and that you'll have totally earned it, so THERE!


 I'll be back.

I'll be back.