Homeless no more?

Since my fiancé and I are moving to Berlin in less than 3 weeks now - and since we still don't have a place to live - we've been getting a little semi-obsessive.

I've been checking apartment listings something like 97 times a day. We've been to visit a few, but nothing that's felt quite right, or that's quite in the neighborhood we were hoping for. We were just beginning to tell ourselves that we were being too picky.

And then, tonight, a random lifeline. A text to a friend asking whether he knew of any open flats.

"Keep me in mind if you hear anything," I texted.

"Well, I actually have a flat in that neighborhood, if you're interested," was the response.

And just like that, I'm going to Berlin to check it out tomorrow. To see if it's the right roof to put over our heads.

Because sometimes you ask a question, and you just might like the answer you get back.