Ohhh, a sailor's life is the life for me



On one of my very, very last weekends in Hamburg - the city with more canals than Venice, Amsterdam, and Brussels put together - I have finally made it out onto the water! It is BEAUTIFUL out there! No matter how many times I've walked alongside the water, or even circled the whole Alster lake, never did I get quite the perspective I got today!

My little sister picked the perfect weekend to visit. The weather was perfect: sunny, warm, and with a slight breeze to push our galant pedalboat along. Oh, but we pedaled. All the way down the canals, into the center of the lake, and back around, with a quick stop for a naughty prosecco at the boat-thru café. We went down quiet canals where it felt like we were alone in the world, and other busy ones where my lack of steering capabilities almost capsized us against paddleboarders. It was beautiful, silly, and fun.

And in the end, I think our smiles said it all.