Well, this is embarrassing


Remember how I said I wanted to write a blog post every day this month? I forgot! On the second day of the month! I couldn't even make it to Day TWO! I am a faaaaaaailure!!!




I honestly really did forget. It's amazing to me how we can lose our habits, both good and bad. Back in 2016, I'd never have forgotten to write a blog post. It was too big a part of who I was and what I was doing back then. Nowadays my overall happy feelings have stuck with me (yay!), but my daily Happy Moments muscle is a little out of practice.

Still, no sense dwelling on that one gym session you missed when you could just resolve to get back in there and move forwards. So instead, I'll write two blog posts today and then we'll be right back on track.

So my Happy Moment for yesterday is actually connected to a pretty damn huge Happy Moment ... as of two weeks ago, I'M ENGAGED! 

There's obviously so much more to tell here, but the specific connection to yesterday is that I found a beautiful dress to wear in our engagement pictures, which we're taking next week. There was exactly one left, at a great price, and in my size. I haven't bought a new dress in years, and I can't imagine a more special occasion to wear one in.

Except perhaps a wedding.