Happiness in Defeat?

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.01.06 PM.png

I'd have hoped to have an even HappiER Moment to share today, but my team, Switzerland, were knocked out of the World Cup today.

I can't argue with the result, to be honest. They should have played better. It was in many ways a frustrating match to watch. 

But the Happy Moment for me is simply this: it's just a game. I was disappointed by the result - and obviously many, many people were much MORE disappointed in the result than I was - but I still got to cheer on my team. I was wearing the jersey and everything, sitting alone at home, cheering and groaning as appropriate. I still got to feel some pride, and I'll still get enjoyment out of watching the rest of the World Cup, even now that my team is out.

Sometimes it's worth remembering that: when you're sad, or frustrated, or disappointed, is it really that bad?

Or is it just a game?