International toothpaste smuggling

For basically as long as I can remember, I have had a favorite toothpaste.

Specifically, Candida herbal toothpaste from the Migros, my favorite Swiss supermarket. I just loved the way it smelled, tasted, and performed. (Incidentally, candida is also the name of an oral yeast infection, so whether that was the best name from a branding perspective is certainly debatable.)

The problem was, I was never able to find it outside of Switzerland. So every time I'd visit my hometown of Geneva, I'd come back with multiple tubes in my checked luggage, designed to last until my next trip. Yes, I was an international toothpaste smuggler! My dentist father would have been proud.

After I moved to Europe - first to London, and then to Hamburg - I ran into a bit of an issue with this. Now that my trips to Switzerland were closer and shorter, I no longer needed checked luggage. And with only carry-on at my disposal, full-size toothpaste tubes became verboten. So I resigned myself to a dwindling stash of Candida.

...until the day my boyfriend brought back a German brand of toothpaste from the drugstore. An herbal toothpaste bearing a suspicious resemblance to my beloved. And as I was brushing my teeth tonight, I thought to myself, "I can't taste the difference." Whatever this is, it's just as great. Years of favoritism and quasi-obsession have just gone - so to speak - down the tube.

It's a comfort to know I can now get a top notch and delicious toothpaste much closer to home.

No smuggling required.