2018 Goals: Month Three Progress


Hello Fellow Happiness-Seekers!

Quite obviously, it's been a hot minute since I've blogged over here, but since the end of the first quarter of 2018 has now passed us by (can you believe it?!), I thought it was about time to check in on how I'm doing on my 10 Resolutions for 2018. (Spoiler alert: it's a bit of a mixed bag so far.)

So how am I doing?

  1. Be able to carry a conversation in German: This is one of the goals I'm actually doing pretty well on. In addition to speaking German with my boyfriend every other night, I also started a twice-weekly class in early February. It's certainly challenging, but I can feel a tiny bit of progress sloooowly coming on. Next week, I'll actually be starting an intensive class, going four times per week instead of two, so we'll see if I can speed my progress up even more!
  2. Do the splits for the first time in my life: OMG, breakthrough alert! It happened! For the first time in my entire life! It may not be very pretty or perfectly-aligned yet, but February 22nd, 2018, will go down in my own personal history as the day I ticked something big off my bucket list! Now I need to work on the other side, finding more comfort in the pose, and - well, a whole list of other things. But still - first item successfully checked!
  3. Hold a freestanding handstand for 5 seconds without a wall: Yikes, this is something I need to drill much more consistently. While I think my shoulders have gotten stronger, my balance is still inexistent. I'm still not quite brave enough to try away from the wall, either.
  4. Sell 1,000 copies of Those Happy Moments, the book: Well, I've topped 100 now, so that is a start! It's been challenging getting visibility on this, but I have a few ideas to try... The challenge is to actually go from inspiration to action!
  5. Publish my first novel: I now have about 52,000 words written of a planned 70,000. (To say nothing of editing, etc., but that's another story!) Aiming to have a completed first draft by the end of May, so lots of work left to do here.
  6. Earn $20,000: Oh boy. It turns out nobody wants to pay me to study German and try new yoga poses. So I've got, like, 99% of this still to go.
  7. Visit at least three new countries: Nothing concrete to report yet, but we're planning a potential trip to South America for November, and since I've never even been to that entire continent - I think this could do it!
  8. Go on one solo trip: Squat to report here, sadly.
  9. Detox, detox, detox: This was something I did well on in January and February, but kind of forgot about for March. I'm still practicing conscious spending, but would like to find something else to detox as well. Hmm, social media? Soft drinks? Chocolate? 
  10. Move to Berlin: Still no exact date, but we're hoping for late July/early August, and I'm excited about it!

So, how am I doing after one quarter? I've ticked off #2, made pretty decent progress on #1 and #5, and varying amounts of progress on #3, #4, and #9. Which means #6, #7, #8, and #10 need a lot more attention than I've been giving them.

And again, I think it's useful to come back to the question of, "What did I do today to get myself closer to my goals?"

For example today, April 5th, I did my German homework (yay!), spent 20 minutes working on my novel (meh), daydreamed while I prematurely checked out some apartments in Berlin (not useful), and ... that's it. Everything else I did today wasn't really geared towards one of my top ten goals for the year.

Now I'm not saying that literally EVERYTHING you do has to be aimed at some greater purpose. I do think it's ok to go for a walk, veg in front of the TV, take a long shower, whatever. But can I look back on a day like today and be PROUD of myself? Well, probably not especially. Not because it's a bad day, but just because it's not a day where I particularly moved my life forward.

Something to think about, as 2018 continues to grow older.