2018 Goals: Month One Progress

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about my 10 Resolutions for 2018. And since today is the last day of January, it's time for our first check-in!

By the way, is it just me or did this month feel reeeeeeally long? I feel like 2018 has already been around for a while, and yet - fortunately - we still have 11 months to make it count!

In terms of my own progress, how am I doing?

  1. Be able to carry a conversation in German: This is going all right so far. I've started going to a weekly conversational group for expats, and my boyfriend and I speak German over dinner every other night. It's slow-going, but progressing nevertheless.
  2. Do the splits for the first time in my life: This is something I've been working on four or five days a week. About two inches to go on my good side (and, like, a nautical mile on my bad side.)
  3. Hold a freestanding handstand for 5 seconds without a wall: Also something I've been drilling several times a week. I've gotten the occasional two-second hold, but those are just flukes at this point. On the plus side, it's helping me to learn a whole lot about my own body. Tight shoulders, tight thoracic spine, weak abs...I hit the motherload!
  4. Sell 1,000 copies of Those Happy Moments, the bookOuch. 84 and counting. Book marketing does not come naturally to me. Still, lots of new tools I haven't tried yet!
  5. Publish my first novel: I started writing it on January 8th, and I'm 11,000 words in! It is alllll over the place right now, but a little bit of work every day does add up.
  6. Earn $20,000: This particular goal was dead in the water month one. So, nowhere to go but up!
  7. Visit at least three new countries: Again, no progress on this in month one, though I've certainly brainstormed quite a bit about where I'd LIKE to go. That counts, right?
  8. Go on one solo trip: Ditto. But I'm vaguely thinking of a two- or three-day trip to Krakow in the next few months. For some reason I'm feeling very drawn to Poland.
  9. Detox, detox, detox: Finally, a goal I was really successful at this month! I'm hours away from completing both Veganuary and Dry January. For February, I'm planning a month of conscious spending and a lot of looooong walks with my 10,000 steps challenge.
  10. Move to Berlin: We still don't have a date in mind, but personally I'm aiming for late summer.

So, how am I doing? Not TOO bad for the first month of the year, I'd say! I always find these types of check-ins so helpful. They help me not forget about my original resolutions, and to ask myself at the end of every day:

"What did I do today to get myself closer to my goals?"

I'm trying to have an answer to that question, every single day. 

How about you? What were your goals? What did you do to move closer to them this month? What was challenging for you? What could you do differently in February?

Month two is upon us: Let's do this.