The Top 10 Quotes About Happiness

If you happen to write a blog called Those Happy Moments, chances are, everyone you encounter is going to expect you to be, well, happy all the time.

And while it's absolutely true that I've become an exponentially happier person since starting this journey way back in January 2016, it's also true that I still enjoy a little inspiration from others on a regular basis.

Quotes and mantras are funny things, and words themselves have power: the way we use them, with one another and with ourselves, can make a huge difference in how happy we actually end up feeling.

And so, to bring a little bit of happiness inspiration into one place, here are my.....


1) Notice When You're Happy


Preach it, Kurt! This is what my book Those Happy Moments is all about: Happiness is all around us, and your Happy Moments are just waiting for you to notice them. And isn't it nice to be able to pause and murmur sweet nothings to ourselves when things are nice?

2) Don't Be That Guy


Oh Oscar, you rascal. But isn't he right? Which one of us doesn't know that one person who lights up a room? And which one of us hasn't felt relief at some point when someone else left the room, or walked away from a conversation? 

So it's up to each one of us to decide: Which type of person am I going to be?

3) Let Me Just Put My Face On


This one I love because it's memorable, cutesy, and real. We've all heard that true beauty comes from within, we've all read that money can't buy happiness, and I hope we can all agree that no amount of bronzer, lip gloss, or eyeliner can mask when someone is feeling down.

When I started feeling happier, people who knew me could tell. That's how I knew it wasn't all just in my head! When I back to visit the friends I've moved away from the year before, I got the same comment over and over: "Wow, you look so much better! You look so happy! You look like a different person!"

So the next time you look in a mirror, ask yourself what you see. Look past the wrinkles and blemishes, the concealer and foundation. What do you see? I hope you'll find happiness looking back out at you.

4) WTF Are You Waiting For?


When was the last time you made an excuse to not do something? The last time you put something off? 

"Oh, I'll do this once I feel better / graduate / get married / have $1,000,000 in the bank / the next full moon rolls around." Sound familiar?

I did this alllll the time to justify why I wasn't happier. And the worst part was, I'd feel guilty about it afterwards for not doing the thing I was making excuses about! And you know what was happening in the meantime? Time was ticking, and I was getting older, better at making excuses, and more disappointed in myself.

This moment is YOURS. You will never, ever have another moment or chance just like it. So ask yourself: What are YOU waiting for?

5) Get Yourself a Violin


This makes me look at Albert Einstein in a different light! And obviously, this isn't literal, because not everyone is going to have the same reaction to a bowl of fruit and a violin. Chapter 2 of my book is all about "What Makes YOU Happy?" In other words, what are the personal quirks that make you who you are, and that make you smile when someone else might not?

After all, one man's violin is another man's frisbee. One woman's solitary walk is another woman's fireplace. We laugh at different jokes, enjoy different stories, and all have our individual ticks and tricks. What are yours?

6) Once Again, I Agree With Kanye West

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I cannot believe I am agreeing with Kanye West againBut he's right! Ask 100 people to define what 'happiness' is, and chances are, you'd get 100 different answers.

So everybody, turn on those defiant Kanye attitudes of yours just for one brief moment and REFUSE to accept anyone else's opinion of what you SHOULD do, or be, or feel. Be you. And figure out what makes YOU happy.

7) Where DID I Leave My Keys?


Ok, I know, haha. But what I think Rita Mae Brown is saying here is this: let the past be the past. Things didn't go your way? You didn't get what you wanted / achieve what you'd hoped / win the lottery / etc.? 

No matter. Let whatever it is go. Tune in to the present and forgive yourself for what you cannot change. Remember the Good without eternally dwelling in the Bad. (Hint: That's what Happy Moments are all about!)

8) Because Life Should Never Be Boring


Sooooo true. We all deal with Sad Days, inevitably. But boring days are worse. Boring days are comfortable because they all look alike and we usually know what to do with them. And the more boring days we have in a row, the less likely we are to be leading a happy, fulfilling life.

Were you bored today? If so, why? Do you think you'll be bored again tomorrow? If so, why? And what can you do about it?

Promise yourself to strive for better than boredom. Do something different. Get uncomfortable once in a while. Ring the changes. Be random. Learn to tell one day apart from another, no matter what it takes.

9) Do Not Be Like J. D. Salinger


Ok, this is likely to be an unpopular opinion, but: J. D. Salinger sucks. I'm not questioning the quality of his writing, nor the impact of his creativity, but does this sound to you like the words of a happy person? 

Don't go around life being paranoid and suspicious of others. If others make efforts to bring happiness into your life, welcome it and be grateful for them - even when it doesn't always work out. 

Because you know where paranoia and suspicions got J. D. Salinger? Family discord, repeated legal conflicts, psychological scarring, and a lonely death.

A reminder: Do not be like J. D. Salinger.

10) You Don't Need To Look Far


Because seriously, happiness is everywhere. Your Happy Moments are waiting to be noticed. So go out and find them!