Now Available!

Those Happy Moments is now a book!

Now available in eBook and paperback, discover the full story of how my one-year experiment led to lasting happiness - and how you can benefit too!

If you or someone you know has ever wanted to be happier, and is looking for inspiration from someone who's been there and did something about it, then please consider Those Happy Moments for your next easy read.

Watch the book trailer below or visit the Amazon page to learn more, purchase the book, and leave a review - all honest feedback is welcome!


Have you ever wished you could be happier?

Recovering pessimist Joëlle Marti decided to address that question by designing a one-year experiment to write about something happy every single day: Those Happy Moments was born.

366 Happy Moments later, she shares her lessons learned along the way. Through humorous stories, practical tips, and reader-friendly exercises, she lays out how you too can find, notice, and create your own Happy Moments and make every day count. In this book you’ll discover:

·      The personal quirks that make YOU happy

·      The unexpected power of random experiences

·      The simple steps to take when you feel sad

Happy Moments are everywhere. It’s time for you to go out and find them!